10 reasons why being a journalist is the luckiest job on earth

There are good jobs, then there are great jobs, and then there is this job. People often regard it as an ‘okay-okay’ job, but it is the only job that can live up to the dream of you being an Avenger, world’s mightiest heroes, and saving the day. Well, you don’t need to have any special superpower or need to learn astral dynamics like Doctor Strange. All you need is a pen, a pad, a working cell phone with an internet connection and most importantly the will to find the truth that is hiding in plain sight but none of us care to look for. As the adage goes, “a pen is mightier than a sword, here is the job where you can give truth to this statement. I am saying, pursue journalism and be a journalist and change the world. Here are the reasons why being a journalist is better than being an engineer or a doctor:

Adventurous –

We all have to admit that a degree in engineering or a doctorate won’t offer thrill and adventure as a part of the job description as being a journalist would. From news report to anchoring, from travelling to meeting up personalities, every stage has its thrills and challenges, and you will always be in the spotlight. No hiding behind the desk and saying that the project sucked or it’s a rare case in medical history, you have to answer confidently for everything.


Glamorous –

In major cities, you can find these days that there’s either a photographer in every family or a local model in the house. Why? Everybody wants to be somebody famous, a local celebrity at least. If you are in the media, you will see and live it all trust me, and if you are any good, then you might be the next newsreader. On being on national television is a million times better than ending up as a social network celebrity with over thousands of unknown people on your list to get more likes on your photos.

Knowledgeable –

You don’t need a doctorate to be learned or wise enough to do what’s right. Knowledge is not bounded within the limits of an examination syllabus, the world is big, and knowledge is infinite. Bookish knowledge may speak to you of many things in life which you may believe it by going out in the real world will show you why and being in such a diverse field, your perspective of life changes.


Powerful –

We all want power, in our lives, over others. Journalism or Media can give you that. There is a reason why media is considered the fourth pillar of any large democracy that is because when you are in the media, you have the whole world to speak to. The real power is not bullets and bombs; it is the words you speak and write which echoes by your target audience everywhere.


Truthseeker –

We all have that gene that drives us to go to the most profound bottom of everything and to seek out the truth of it. Whether it’s a relationship you are in or your neighbor getting fired from his job, you always want to know what is what and why. Journalism gives this particular attribute of ours an opportunity to use this skill in getting more prominent, shocking results because the subject often gets national or international. Be an Investigative Journalist and enjoy the life of a detective. Leave no stones unturned and deliver the shocking truth and people will love you for it.


Leadership –

In every other profession, you are bound to follow the footsteps of your boss if you want to make progress, in journalism forget the boss when you can be a leader. No matter how small a cause is, just ties your laces tight and be the leader whom others will follow till you win it. Your leadership quality will be put to the test, make sure you make the right choices.


Efficiency –

As it is true that media is the only field that has always openings for everyone, from a fresher to an expert; it is also true that is one of the hardest areas to survive. The intensity of pressure that falls on the people working in this field has to be dealt as tactfully and accurately as it should be done. It’s not medical that you should try trial and error method to get results. In here, you have to be accurate of the situations you are dealing with. You can’t make errors because if you do it could be your last in this field.


Creativity –


Not in every field you always get to show off the talent that abodes in you. In most fields like engineering follow the order as a cat follows the red dot. As journalism is a vast field, your creativity will be reckoned if you choose online media. When you post stuff online, then its audience can be anyone, anywhere and if your creativity is not that great, then you will simply fail to thrive. You have to be keen about every minute details that will be on your page or site.


Job Satisfaction –

The great work tradition of going to the office is to return home at late evening, leave files and boots on the floor as soon we get past the door. Then sit on the couch and watch TV, share the expert opinions on everything then freshen up, eat and go to sleep. It sounds cool, but what is cooler if your job takes you to a movie premiere and you have a badge that allows you to talk to the stars and celebrities while others are being restricted, you know what you are enjoying. Get back home with new experiences now and then. Live your life and do something smart.


Future –

The future of journalism is a never ending one because as long as there will be a media or any medium, journalism will survive. People need media to direct them to the right path and journalists hold the keys to every door where the media would lead them. The news is a necessity because people need their curious nature to satisfy of who is doing what in where irrespective of their impact on their lives and a journalist serves news.


This entire article is an effort to make people understand that Journalism should be the field they should dive into because it is where an adult changes into a responsible human being.

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10 reasons why being a journalist is the luckiest job on earth