8 Unlucky Foods that will bring you only bad fortune

Just like some foods can bring you luck; similarly, there are foods that will only bring you bad luck. We may not consider food to be unlucky as every food serves the purpose of filling our stomach and then also there are millions of people in the world who don’t get enough food to eat two times a day at least. It changes our perspective, doesn’t it? Unlucky or lucky meals for us while for those who are suffering from hunger, they just want food. Perhaps, lucky and unlucky are terms that have meaning only in the lives of the people who have abundant. Anyway, where are we? Unlucky food! Yes, unlucky food can bring you bad luck, and you should be very careful before eating them. After all, no one wants to eat bad luck as morning breakfasts for an entire year. So, here is your advice and whether or not to choose them is upon you, and just like the bad decisions that you make in life all by yourself, you are also free to choose our advice.


If It Has Got Wings, Stay Away From It

It doesn’t matter whose wings you are biting off from; wings are unlucky to have on New Year’s Eve party. Ever wondered why there are no chicken wings on the menu of a New Year Eve’s party? It is because wings are believed to make your luck fly away from you, and when you are starting a new year with the same old hopes you had every year before then, it is not something that you should try on New Year’s Eve.



Keep Those Lobsters Off the Menu

Lobsters can swim backwards and hence it is for this glorious quality they are avoided on New Year’s menu. As swimming backwards or to the starting means you have messed it all up and you need to start from a previous checkpoint which in life gets crucial.


Never Give Parsley as a Gift

It apparently doesn’t make sense to gift a plant or a herb or whatever scientific name you have for a plant in a pot to someone. Seriously? What the hell do you think you gave a plant to someone would symbolise in his or her life? Anyway, whatever you want to gift you can because like they say that a gift doesn’t matter but the thought or the idea of gifting someone does. So, your plan shouldn’t be of giving away Parsley because not only it will bring you weird looks but also bad luck will follow.


Let Your Chopsticks Slouch On Its Sides

The first question that you should ask yourself is that why would you even want to use a set of chopsticks to eat your food? There are spoons, and then there are forks and if not, use your goddamn hands but why chopsticks. If the chopsticks fall on the side while it is being served to you, then know that it is good luck. If not, suppose say they are standing upright, then it mimics the incense used to honour the dead in China and Japan, and is, understandably, lousy luck.


Don’t Cut Bananas, Ever

As it turns out, bananas are just riddled with bad luck. Not only does cutting them bring lousy luck — sorry, anyone who eats peanut butter and banana sandwiches — bringing them on board a boat can mean a miserable fishing haul or even get lost at sea for the crew.


Destroy Eggshells

After you daintily scoop your eggs out of their shells, make sure you crush the remainder. According to British tradition, if you don’t, a witch will gather up the discarded eggshells to use as a boat. Once she has them, she’ll sail around causing lousy luck and storms.


Always Stir the Christmas Cake

You have more than one reason to help out in the kitchen this holiday season. It’s believed that every member of the family should take a turn stirring the Christmas cake to avoid bad luck.


Don’t Sniff the Basil

According to a superstition obviously not from Italy, sniffing basil will bring a scorpion into your brain.New Year with the same old hopes you had every year before then, it is not something that you should try on New Year’s Eve.


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8 Unlucky Foods that will bring you only bad fortune