7 Unlucky Places in the World

Some places are so shit evil and unlucky that even visiting them could bring you bad luck. Now it is safe to say that once this bad luck latches on to you, you can never get them off. There are places in this world, if you visit them, they can fill you with positivity and here are these places that are filled with all sorts of nuisance and will make you think about your life choices because we all tend to think about our life choices when we are about to die. Yes, death involves around most of these places, and your bad luck could be the only thing that will stand for you no matter what.


Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

Bermuda Triangle is the place where your worst sci-fi horror situations will come to life. Sci-fi because it is a science mumbo jumbo, and like most science events that are believed to be devilish, Bermuda’s Triangle is hailed as the Devil’s triangle, nonetheless so you can imagine how terrifying it is. This place is mythical, scary and unlucky and it is located in the stretch of Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda in the North, Puerto Rico in the South and Florida in the west. There are many spine-chilling stories about this place and travelling to this place is no less than going to your death because of aircrafts and watercrafts both seem to lose control as the machinery get all screwed up and what happens next no one can tell like the saying goes ‘Dead men tell no tales.’


Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India

If you enjoy visiting haunted places in the world, then this town in India should be on your list. India is a very vast country, and in every corner, it has some stories of the history that is about ghosts or related to them. Bhangarh is one such ghost town in the country. There are many rumours about the haunting in this town, but two of them are entirely convincing. The first one tells the story of the city being cursed by a saint. The saint cursed the city because one of the rulers of that city in ancient India built structures so high that would cast a shadow over the saint’s salvation spot. That pissed off the saint, and he cursed the entire town. The second one tells a story of a magician who fell in love with a girl deeply, madly, indeed but as women are bitches, she didn’t love him back. So, the tormented lover tried to cast a magic spell on her but he was killed by his black magic, and while he died, he cursed the place. So much for love, huh?!


The Drake Passage, between Argentina & Chile

The Drake Passage is named after the British privateersman Sir Francis Drake who was the first to face the horrors of the treacherous stretch. Some Spanish and Latin Americans also call it Mar de Hoces after Spanish navigator Francisco de Hoces who, perhaps, inferred this passage in the early 16th century. However, the water-pass is the best for a sighting of dolphins, whales and numerous sea-birds.


Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, USA

Hyannis Port is a small residential village in Massachusetts. It is also the location of Kennedy Compound and other residences of Kennedy family. Although this lineage has enjoyed aristocracy, Kennedy Compound had faced several unusual accidents and unlucky events which is why it has got to the list. It is a calm and lovely region to visit though.


Inokashira Park, Tokyo, Japan

The park is at Pond Inokashira is named after the pond, and its inclusion in the list of unlucky destinations may seem unjustified as the region is heavenly peaceful and beautiful. The temple of deity Benzaiten, who is believed to stir hatred among couples, is the chief attraction of the place. A rowboat ride by a couple across the temple is rumoured to end their relationship soon. A petting zoo and an aquarium are the other attractions of the park.


Mauritius, Mauritius

Today, Mauritius is one of the serenely beautiful places in the World. However, it is considered unlucky as a species of bird named Dodo got extinct from the world around a century since humans first reached Mauritius. However, today, Mauritius hosts several recreational activities on land, water and air. Though unlucky for the Dodo, Mauritius is one of the favourite places for tourists.


Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rose Hall was the abode of White Witch, Annie Palmer who was brought up by Haitian nanny who practised voodoo. Later, Annie became a witch and is said to have killed 3 of her husbands because of boredom. Besides, she was also believed to have murdered several of her male slaves. The superstition is that Rose Hall is haunted by the witch and the men who she killed. The thrill of haunt makes the place worth a visit.


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7 Unlucky Places in the World