Fidel Castro, the man who cheated death more than 630 times

Fidel Castro was one of those individuals who changed the history of politics forever.

While thousands saw him as an evil leader thirsty for power and violence, millions regard him as a brave leader that fought off the United States from taking control of their nation’s socio and economic values. Modern-day pundits believe that Fidel Castro was number one in the United States, Death list because of two reasons. Firstly, his keen interest on the island that the United States didn’t like and then putting up a resistance every time the United States tried to move forward and gain control of his country. Cuba was full of rich resources and often used by foreign businessmen as a resource for raw materials. Fidel fought against it with his support from Che Guevara and won. This was believed to be the second reason for the 630 attacks made by the United States to murder him.

Fidel Castro was hailed by the Cuban people as a revolutionary. He was a man with great leadership qualities like no other. Every time he survived an assassination his people started to believe in him more than before. CIA’s failed attempt in the ‘Bay of pigs’ operation, even today, is regarded as a setback for US intelligence network. His growing inclination towards USSR made it even more difficult for the CIA from time to time.

In an interview, the former head of Cuban intelligence, Fabian Escalante, shared the details with a British documentary team about how CIA had tried to kill Fidel Castro more than 600 times, in about 40 years but failed every time.

Several news reports in the 1970s put the CIA under scrutiny for the abuses of power. President Ford, after coming into power banned political assassinations in 1976, but it continued under the rug till the ’90s under President Clinton.

Here is the list of the US Presidents who tried to kill Castro but didn’t succeed.

  • Eisenhower: 38
  • Kennedy: 42
  • Johnson: 72
  • Nixon: 184
  • Carter: 64
  • Reagan: 197
  • Bush Sr: 16
  • Clinton: 21

Fidel Castro survived an ‘Exploding Cigar’ in the year 1966 when he was in New York. It is believed that the CIA deployed a New York City police officer of handing a cigar packed with explosives. The CIA denied its involvement, but a similar strategy was also undertaken by them in the 1960s.

Castro’s love for ice cream was known by many people, so the CIA approached one of the casino mafias who was banished by Fidel Castro after gambling was outlawed. The poison got frozen and couldn’t be dislodged from inside the freezer as Castro left with his dessert.

Then by an ‘Exploding Seashell’ in 1963, the CIA decided to eliminate their public enemy number one but couldn’t make it feasible. When they started running out of logical ideas of killing Castro, they got the American lawyer who was in negotiation with Cuba to deliver the wetsuit filled with a fungus that would cause chronic skin disease and put tuberculosis in the breathing apparatus.

And so go on the list of attempts, but in the end, Fidel had the good fortune of living until his old age.

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Fidel Castro, the man who cheated death more than 630 times