Top 5 insane lottery winners around the world

We have heard hundreds of stories about the change in the lifestyle of ordinary people after scooping a million dollar lottery. This is also a story of 5 insane lottery winners, but here we will come across the problems of these five people before they became millionaires.

These stories detail up the ups and downs of these five infamous insane lottery winners-

Husband ran off with lotto money without informing wife

In 2007, Arnim Ramdass along with 17 fellow airline mechanics, won the Florida lottery and split the winnings evenly. After winning the lottery, Ramdass started reacting weirdly which made her wife, Donna Campbell suspicious. Ramdass disconnected their phone connections and made sure that the television is off. However, one day Donna came to knew about his husband’s lottery win. As per Ramdass coworkers, after they won the lottery, he took a leave of absence.

Campbell was shocked after her husband seemingly disappeared and ran off with the windfall. She even took him to court for her share of the money. But, the judge thought otherwise, and Campbell is still trying divorce her husband. Even today, there is no trace of Ramdass.


Lottery winner struck by truck after winning

73-year-old Carl Atwood won an Indian lottery worth $73,450. Hours after the tape for television drawing was released, Atwood was walking to the grocery store from where he purchased his lucky ticket. The grocery store was located just one block from his house. As he was walking down, a pickup truck rounded the corner and hit Atwood.  He later died at an Indianapolis hospital on that same day.


Man committed suicide after thinking his ticket has expired

In 1995, Timothy O-Brien of England shot himself in the head thinking his 5 week Britain’s Nation Lottery ticket has expired just before a draw that would have brought him millions. However, later it was revealed that even if his ticket didn’t expire, Timothy would have received just 47 pounds and not the $3.2 million jackpot.


Frane Selak (world’s luckiest unluckiest man)

Frane Selak is said to be world’s luckiest unluckiest man. Born in 1929 in Croatia, Frane grew up to a music teacher and became famous for escaping seven fatal accidents. He has escaped a plane crash, train accident and a few car crash. Luckily he was able to survive all these unsurvivable accidents just to buy a lottery ticket and scoop $1 million in 2003.


Double lottery win

In 2007, Derek Ladner bought two tickets for the same Camelot draw. Fine players won the £2.39 million jackpot. Derek and Dawn Ladner were elated to split the jackpot with three other people, which equally brought them a share of £479,142 between the five winning players. Unfortunately, Derek forgot that he bought two tickets with the same numbers for the July 11, 2007, drawing.

This was the first time someone had won twice in Camelot draw.


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Top 5 insane lottery winners around the world