6 movies on luck that will restore your faith in luck if you’re feeling unlucky

If you are having a shitty day and you don’t want to go out of your apartment then here are the six picks that would restore your faith in luck. It’s true some people are born lucky, and some people aren’t, and you cannot do anything about it so don’t worry about it. Get a bowl of popcorn if you can find and if your luck runs out on it too, then grab a bottle of water and start bingeing these movies. In the end, you will feel better. Trust us!

  1. Just My Luck, 2006

Don’t go for the reviews before you watch this movie because the reviews are terrible for some reason but this movie is very cute. The protagonist Ashley played Lindsay Lohan met a guy called Jake played by Chris Pine in a party and they kissed. Well, the kiss exchanged Ashley’s queen-like luck to Jake’s homeless guy luck and began their journey of being lucky and unlucky. It’s good to see Lohan as adorable and cute as she should have been.


  1. Good Luck Chuck, 2007

This movie is about how your curse becomes your blessing or luck and women would sleep with the protagonist Dane Cook so that they can get the person of their dreams. While, the physically exhausting journey is fun to watch, but when the protagonist falls in love with a woman, his luck once again becomes his curse. Jessica Alba is also in this movie for some reason.


  1. It Could Happen To You, 1994

This Nic Cage starring flick is based on a true story and who said that lucky are the guys only in movies and novels. This movie is about a good-hearted cop (Nicholas Cage) offers a good-hearted waitress (Bridget Fonda) half the winnings from his lottery ticket when he gets stuck without enough money for a tip. What follows after is a very sweet story and as it’s a Nic Cage movie you can expect a few rounds of bullets in it.


  1. Good Night, and Good Luck, 2005

This historical drama film is about Senator Joe McCarthy who aims to root out. Communists in America and a crew of CBS newsmen took upon themselves to expose all the lies and hoax the American senator have been feeding everyone with. This serious movie has silver fox George Clooney, and foxy-fox Robert Downey Jr. is working side-by-side in cute retro business suits. Meow.


  1. Lucky Number Slevin, 2006

This is the best movie of this list. Black Hawk Down star, Josh Hartnett stars with Bruce Willis and Lucy Liu. Given the names of the stars, this movie has some cool action sequences, and what started as a cursed name and unlucky for the protagonist becomes lucky in the end. Cue two hours of mistaken identities, death-battles, plot twists and more PLOT TWISTS, WHOA!


  1. Leprechaun, 1993

This movie sends another message to its audience other than the luck factor that you don’t want to mess with small people. Like the title suggests, this movie is about Leprechaun, and if you’ve ever entertained the idea of catching one and making him hand give over his all mythical pots of gold, then this movie is not for you. Many things the leprechauns are but not fun-loving little dudes who want to hand over their hard-guarded cash; they are PSYCHOTIC small creatures who wish to KILL EVERYONE. Especially…Jennifer Aniston?!! Uh, wow. Her ability to have an impressive career after this movie makes her, officially, one of the luckiest women alive.

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6 movies on luck that will restore your faith in luck if you’re feeling unlucky