6 lucky jersey numbers in sports that bring luck to you

A game is sixty percent luck and forty percent everything else because you may have the talent and you have also put in your best efforts but if luck doesn’t side with you, you will not be the winner. Be it a race or a football match or a baseball game; luck decides who wins. For example, a cricket match between two giants Australia and South Africa saw the highest run ever scored in the One Day International cricket competition by Australia in the first half and also witnessed the biggest run chase win in the second half by South Africa. If you have any idea of the game, scoring 434 runs off 300 balls is the highest run scored by any team till that day but when South Africa came to bat, they made 438 runs and won the game. Even creating a world record couldn’t save the Aussies from their worn out luck. Games like these are determined by a player who has all the fortune of the world patting on his back.

No. 11

The jersey numbers ranging from 1 to 10 may have their charms, but the number 11 is the first two digits prime number and also the fact that the two ones often establishes twice as much power of the number 1 charm. Most players who wear the number 11 in soccer, often becomes the black horse of the team.

No. 2

2 is a very simple choice for a jersey number but among the Chinese 2 is a decent number as it’s the first even number. It is also believed that 2 highlights more on being the constant luck that ensures that you may not be number one but the rest of the world will always be after you.

No. 9

As 9 is the most prominent one digit number, the strength of 9 often asks the person wearing it to take charge. The jersey number 9 is given to the player or individual who is the spearhead of any team. Also according to the Norse mythology, there are nine realms as you have seen in the Marvel blockbuster movie, Thor.

No. 7

On whomever the jersey number 7 befalls on, often becomes the heart of the team. For it is the heart of the team that keeps a team going or a team dying. The jersey number 7 is often worn by the players who determine the fate of the game in their hand.

No. 23

The unluckiest number is mathematics is the number 23. We often add unlucky with 13 but 13 mainly deals with unlucky when it comes to supernatural beliefs, but 23 is the most unfortunate number anywhere. The likes of Michael Jordan and David Beckham made sure that the unluckiest figure in the world could be very lucky. Just as in mathematics, two negatives make one positive hence two unlucky people, and the jersey brings a very lucky result for the team.

No. 8

8 is another lucky number in the Chinese culture as well as in the Japanese culture because from upside down and even in a mirror image, the number stays the same. It is often given to the player who performs every time constantly.

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6 lucky jersey numbers in sports that bring luck to you