5 stories of luck where people cheated death in the craziest possible way

Welcome back! It looks like you love reading about people who stole all the luck to cheat and mock at death. The only constant in our life is death. There’s no escaping; it will come one day may not tomorrow or the day after but someday. However, sometimes some people escape even the fatal encounters through skill or luck, just like when –

Maria Hernandez used her car keys to deflect a gunshot.

Richard Ramirez, like the name was given ‘Night Stalker’, has killed at least 13 people in a year in the mid-’80s. You don’t get such name unless you are damn good at murders. One night Richard was out stalking, he encountered Maria Hernandez and followed her from her car to apartment. When he fired the gun, the car keys in Maria’s hand deflected the bullet and she pretended to be dead. When the murderer came out of her apartment killing her roommate, Maria tried to escape but Richard still got her. Surprisingly, Richard let go of Maria and walked away and till to this date, no one knows why.

Well, it’s still not known what kind of metal was used to make keys.


A family survived for more than a month in the middle of an ocean.

This is a tale of 1971. One day, Neil Robertson, 10-year-old, questioned his father why they couldn’t plan an adventure trip and sail around the world. Instead of rejecting the proposal and giving reasons, the senior Robertson immediately prepared to sail off from the coast of England in a 43-foot schooner after selling the family’s farm. Everything was going well as per plan. The family made it over a year and reached Central America, where the trouble began.  They were surrounded by killer whales, and the ship was sunk. After solving the immediate problem somehow, the family took water for ten days and food for even fewer days. However, in the middle of the ocean, the math didn’t look right. When this feat failed, the Robertson matriarch, who was a nurse, collected rainwater and fashioned the rubber rungs of a ladder into enema tubes. Everyone used it to ingest rainwater they collected.

This little trick helped the family to survive for 38 days after which they were luckily rescued by a Japanese ship.


16 people lived off breast milk for 12 days adrift in the ocean

In the early 2000s, Dominican Republic was having a kind of recession. Many flee to Puerto Rico usually to get arrested upon arrival. Many also got lost at sea in an attempt to escape. Faustina Mercedes and 15 others also boarded a ship by paying an equivalent of two-month salary only to realize the compass was broken. The group of 16 people spent almost 12 days in the middle of the ocean with supplies exhausting in just three days. By the fifth day, they were so dehydrated; they could only spit blood. That’s when Faustina asked her sister to suck on her boobs. Her sister found that breastfeeding indeed made her body good. She passed some back to her sister who offered all the other passengers a turn to suck milk from her boobs.

They did this for next seven days until their boat was washed ashore.


Real-life Robinson Crusoe lived alone on an island for four years.

Alexander Selkirk, the real-life Robinson Crusoe, was a Scottish sailor more of Jack Sparrow. His captain was sick of his mouth, so he was abandoned on an island off the Coast. For four years, he lived alone on the island. He spent his time playing and studying Bible and training an army of cats to defend him from rats attempting to fashion a meal out of his toes. Eventually, Selkirk was rescued by a British ship. However, Selkirk didn’t go home. The captain of the ship was so impressed with his Selkirk’s surviving skills he gave him the responsibility of his ship.

Selkirk worked as a captain for rest of his life.


An acrobat survived the Hindenburg


An acrobat Joseph Spah escaped an exploding aircraft, the Hindenburg, by being an acrobat. Spah was enjoying in aircraft’s lounge and was excited to be minutes away from meeting his wife. That’s when things started going wrong. As the exploding aircraft went down, Spah sprang into action, breaking and climbing out of a window. There were two options left- one side was a 40-foot free fall while on the other hand, it was a confirmed fiery death. After thinking deeply, Spah decided to take a chance at the drop.

Luckily he landed on his feet, bounced into the air and fell off his face.

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5 stories of luck where people cheated death in the craziest possible way