5 Hollywood stars that do the exact same thing in every movie and are yet lucky to be on top

People do get bored seeing and experiencing the same thing for years. Be it a regular movie, a travel destination, a cuisine, a set of clothes or anything which is being repeated from time to time. Variation is must! After all, change is the only constant. But, this law seems less applicable to the below mentioned 5 Hollywood stars who had have been doing the same thing in every movie for years and yet are lucky to be loved and on top. It seems that we haven’t got bored of seeing them doing such thing. On the contrary, we love whatever they do.

 Tom Hanks- “I have gotta pee”

While most movie stars refrain from urinating onscreen, Tom Hanks has probably got a success secret in the form of urinating onscreen. Maybe it’s our fault too. We encouraged him in the first scene of A League of Their Own, where Tom busts into the locker room and takes World War II’s manliest piss.

There’s even more iconic scene in Forrest Gump where Tom gets an opportunity to share the screen with President Kennedy only to tell him he needs to pee. We would have dismissed this thought of “I have gotta pee” if it was limited to only these two performances, but as I said Tom had really found the success secret. There are more to it, which include Road to Perdition, Apollo 13, The Money Pit, and many more.


Tom Cruise – “Watch me sprint”

Most of the actors look like asleep while sprinting but it looks like this is the only way Tom Cruise knows how to reach to the box office. It looks like he desperately waits for the scene where he can run away from giant alien spacecraft, sprint out of some bushes or sweep off Chinese chimney. And, once he gets started, it is difficult for even the director to stop Tom.

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, Mission: Impossible III, Jerry Maguire, and Vanilla Sky are a few of the movies from the list where directors have given full freedom to Tom Cruise to play his favorite role- “watch me sprint”.


Brad Pitt- “Let me eat”

If I say Brad Pitt eats only onscreen, it won’t be much wrong. He has consumed more calories onscreen than all the dinosaurs combined in Jurassic Park. New York magazine’s Vulture blog even put an exhaustive list of 60 different foods Brad Pitt has consumed in his movies. Moreover, even the list was incomplete as it failed to list the pack of chips and a green apple Brad had eaten in Se7en and Fight Club.

One thing which seems quite strange is that usually, directors tend to leave the act of dining with rest of actors but no one stops Brad Pitt from putting food into his mouth.


John Cussack- “Let it rain first”

The movie will not end unless there’s any rain sequence. There’s an impression that John Cussack doesn’t understand how rain works?  High FidelityThe Contract, 2012: Bravery in the Face of Inexplicable Weather Conditions were some of the movies which wouldn’t have completed unless it had rained.


Stevan Seagal- “Stevan Seagal is ….”

It looks like Stevan Seagal loves forcing his names on to the front of movie titles. No other star has done this in almost all his films like Stevan has done. It looks like he loves questions like –

Where is Stevan Seagal-

What Stevan is doing-  

Again, where is Stevan-


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5 Hollywood stars that do the exact same thing in every movie and are yet lucky to be on top