10 reasons, why SINGLE people are the luckiest!

People often tend to find the other side of the river to be greener and happier. When you are single, you see people who are in a relationship are happier, and if you are not, you get tempted by the single people living their lives in freedom and freely, hence the struggle will always remain. We all have faced this situation in our lives and even if you haven’t then here are the ten reasons why being SINGLE equals to being AWESOME. Have a go!

1. Tide and time wait for no one; if you are not single then you just don’t know, the value of time spend on the things you love. Boys can spend the time playing Fifa or Assassin’s Creed while girls can read or pursue other healthy hobbies.

2. Eat as much as you want without being worried. We all know how people get creepy when they are in a relationship. ‘Don’t eat that, don’t eat those’ phrases will not bother you as they do to the folks in a relationship. You can eat as much as you want without thinking of getting fat or something because the food is BAE.

3. A sound sleep is the key to sound health. We all sleep but instead of getting nocturnal like those “I-am-too-silly-to-act-maturely,” madly in love couples you get a full night sleep to replenish all that you need to lead a healthy and even a better life. No stupid phone call, in the middle of the night, is going to wake you up to ask you to sing.

4. If you are a bro, then you must admire the beard or the mustache or the stubble that gives you a matured look and an attitude with it. Guess what? You don’t have to shave every now and then so that others can admire the softness of your cheeks even though when you desperately want your matured look to be admired. If you are a lady then you have the freedom to wear whatever you want, no one is going to nag about it to you.

5. All the singles should HIGH FIVE each other because, when you are single you get abundant time to spend it with friends gossiping, fighting, laughing, playing, going out and what not irrespective of both boys and girls. You don’t have to leave early so that as soon as you get back home you have to call or coming online on Social Medias to pretend that you really wanted to come home than anything else. Trust me, we all choose our friends after our families then comes that special someone except for a few pathetic people.

6. Money is everything. Aye! It’s true lads but if you are in a relationship you will experience it the most. Without money you can’t survive any relationship. Every relationship needs one thing at most, money. If you have no money you can have no honey. People who say that money isn’t everything are liars and hypocrites who know that they have abundant. Being single can help you to spend all those saved pocket money for something better that will really give you joy. A guitar or a gaming gig, whatever you want.

7. Birthdays and anniversaries are no issues in the life of a single person. You will always remember the birthdays of the people you care about at all cost and even if you forget one you can sneak into their social lives and wish them. No one is going to scream at you for not presenting roses or going out with him for a movie when you are extremely busy with your work.

8. As long as you are SINGLE, the special someone who will bend and force you into a relationship can be anywhere around you. You get the opportunity to go out on dates with whomever you want. You can date and back down if it’s not helping you. Your single life gets better with women but as long as there is no such commitments. You can pursue anyone you want, instead of sticking with someone for the entire time.

9. Whether you are a dude or a girl, problems are inevitable. There are several problems in one’s life from how to save enough pocket money to how to get my project done before the SEM arrives. Too much problems are there in your own life which takes all the time to get solved, just imagine, how great your life would be if that gets doubled. Yep, when you are in a relationship then you are no longer dealing with yours only, you are dealing with his/her life issues too.

10. Remember this last point; as long as you are SINGLE you are a potential threat to those who are in a relationship. The best thing is, the people who nags about having the beautiful girl friend or such smart boy friends can be yours too if you start playing the game but if you are in a relationship then you are on the other side of the game and you know what’s coming for you!

Here are the 10 reasons why being SINGLE is the best thing that can happen in your life.

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10 reasons, why SINGLE people are the luckiest!