Cancer patient hits two jackpots – one of money and other of life

An American journalist and author Hunter Stockton Thompson once said that “Luck is a very thin wire between survival and disaster, and not many people can keep their balance on it.” And this saying truly fits in the case of Diane Bishop.

This is Diane Bishop. She is a Canadian single mother who works as a manager at a local convenience store and hails from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Bishop has advanced breast cancer. A few days ago, her health was deteriorating continually. Her body stopped responding to every tried and tested treatment. Bishop has Stage 4 breast cancer. Cancer has spread to her pelvic bones. And, the more terrible part was that Bishop had even then to continue working as the  government support would only amount to just over $1,100 (£650) a month. This was barely enough for her cover the mortgage. Her financial condition was also not so good. However, here’s a twist in the story.

Bishop purchased a $20 (£12) lottery ticket. And, since then everything has changed magically. This lucky woman won the lottery jackpot. She has hit the C$1.5m (£886,000) Super Set for Life jackpot on the Atlantic Lottery. And weeks later, she has also started responding well to treatments. So, basically, Bishop has hit two jackpots-jackpot of money and jackpot of life.

These are the Bishop words-

“This money wasn’t about going out and buying a new house or taking trips; this was about survival. I can survive now, and my kids can survive.

It’s like this big ball of weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

The stress is gone, the anxiety of being sick, I know I can’t beat Stage 4 because you’re a ticking time bomb, but it’s given me hopes that maybe it can go dormant for awhile and I can live my life”.

After claiming her winning amount, Bishop immediately purchased a therapeutic, adjustable mattress to help ease her aches and pains. Her second venture was an electric chair for comfortably watching television while recovering from chemotherapy treatments. By winning the lottery Bishop is now also able to financially stable her two sons, Jordan and Shane Parsons, who are both in their twenties.

As per Bishop’s doctor, the treatment ‘had taken the fluid out of her lungs’ and ‘shrunk some of cancer that is in her lung’, healing part of the bone in her leg. Although Bishop knows stage 4 is incurable, she is still content with whatever the future holds.

P.S. – ‘I can go happy, but I’m just not going yet.’

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Cancer patient hits two jackpots – one of money and other of life