Unlucky girl flew 400 miles for love but got fooled and called Pig by her lover

The things we do for love are not only weird but sometimes it goes beyond the human logic. How can we not? For love is all we crave for and all we desire. Such is the story of a 24-year-old Sophie Stevenson from Stoke city.

During her holidays in Barcelona, Spain in August, she and her friend Michelle met Jesse and company. It was during the time of terror attack in Barcelona. They became friends with Jesse and his companions. They holed up together as Sophie and Michelle fell safe being with them. They hung out together in the remaining four days of her trip, and she even slept with the guy in Barcelona. After she returned to the UK, her exotic flick continued over the phone, and they also decided to be in a long-distance relationship.

Spending quality time on the phone with her man, Jesse, they both decided to meet for a three day trip to Amsterdam. Sophie paid £350 for the hotel and her flight back to Manchester. The trip Sophie thought would be life-changing for her, it did change her life but in the exact opposite way.

Imagine travelling to a foreign country to meet a guy you met for a week in another country during your holidays only to have his babies in the future, isn’t it weird enough? But who are we to judge her for the choices she made right? Life is crazy, and sometimes the craziness gets the worst of us.

Anyway, her trip to Amsterdam taught her the lesson of not trusting a random stranger she met and banged a few months back. Jesse and Sophie were on the phone the whole time before she boarded the plane. She travelled a freaking 400 miles and spent quite a bit of money to be with the love of her life. Sophie was told that she would be picked by him at the airport and then again their romantic encounter will continue from where they left off. Unfortunately, he never came to the airport, and she waited for hours. After numerous phone calls and texts, the only reply Sophie got was that ‘she had been pigged!’

Being Pigged is a reference used for making a joke of someone who is fat and ugly and but Sophie has no clue why would someone she liked so much would do that to her? After making Sophie a joke, the guy blocked her on texting apps, and no one has ever heard anything from the guy, and that’s how Sophie’s love got crushed with a hammer.

PS: If you meet someone during your holidays, don’t bring them home. They don’t belong to be in your home.

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Unlucky girl flew 400 miles for love but got fooled and called Pig by her lover