Take a look inside the Playboy mansion with this lucky BMX rider


It is said that if there is heaven on earth, then it is the Playboy Mansion. Why?

Now you know why!

The original Playboy Mansion was a 70 room, 30000 sqft while the current mansion has only 29 rooms spread over 21987 sq. ft. However, the present Mansion has 22 rooms including a wine cellar with a secret door. It even has a movie theatre with built-in pipe organ. There are three aviary buildings with a pet cemetery too. The main Aviary building is the actual greenhouse, with four guestrooms adjoining them. Tennis and a basketball court with a waterfall and a swimming pool area. Alongside the pool area is a patio and barbecue area. It also has a basement gym, a grotto and a sauna below the bathhouse. The landscape includes a large pond with an artificial stream. A small citrus orchard with two well-established forests of tree ferns and redwoods are also there. The west side is previously known as the servants’ wing which has the Editorial offices for the famous Playboy magazine.


The Master suite comprises several rooms on the second and third floor. It is the most densely renovated area of the Mansion proper. In there is a huge carved-oak decor dating back to the 1970s. Apart from that, the Mansion proper is maintained in its original Gothic-revival furnishings for the most part. The pipe organ in the screening room was restored back in the last decade. The outdoor kitchen serves to party events taking place in open air. The game room is in a different building on the north side. There are two sidewalks, running past a wishing well from the fountain in the front of the main entrance. On the right, it leads to the game house and goes past a duplicate Hollywood Star of Hefner. The front entrance of the game room has a pool table in the centre and also many vintage and modern arcade games like a jukebox, pinball machines, a television with stereo and a couch, player piano. The game house has two wings. On the left, is a room with a soft cushioned floor, mirrors all around, TV. There is a restroom with a shower, and on the right side of the game-house has a smaller bathroom and entrance to a bedroom. This bedroom is connected to another, which has an exit to the rear backyard of the game house. The game house has a garden with lounge chairs, and gates on either side.


Here’s the video by Shitty Fart, which takes you to the tour of the Playboy Mansion with a lucky BMX rider.

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Take a look inside the Playboy mansion with this lucky BMX rider