Lucky students who are blessed to have these 6 teachers

It is said that only a teacher can motivate his or her students in a way, like no one else can, however for these six teachers, students come running to attend their classes and not only that, they even enjoy the extra hours too. Sometimes it’s so difficult to find the motivation to study, but these teachers can inspire anyone. It’s a different question altogether that how much the students learn from these six teachers but they never miss a class, and after going through this article, you will also know why!


Benjawan Som

Former Senior Cabin Attendant of Etihad Airways has now focused on being a hardworking teacher and passing her knowledge and gracefulness to her students so that one day they too can have a bright future. Benjawan teaches English, and with her pretty smile she knows how to motivate her students and helps them to learn the language.


Patrice Brown

It has always been a debatable topic, the ideals one should follow as a teacher, and in the case of Patrice Brown, it’s always an active volcano. Patrice’s photos cause eruptions and hot discussions among her pupils and their parents. Most women parents criticise the teacher for her skin fit dresses, but the men parents don’t see anything terrible in it. After all, they also know that as a student it takes a lot more than the motivation of the teachers to ensure that the students are always present.


Eva Loo

When your teacher got stronger calf muscles and the tones in her body than you can ever possibly achieve then, it is bound to be the teacher worth following in life, in a right way and not in a stalking way. Eva’s fitness and agility could easily be mistaken for a student even though she is a teacher. Her brilliant sports achievements make her quite popular among her students.


Jordynn Goddard

Who wouldn’t come to school when your elementary school teacher has been a former beauty pageant? Jordyn won the title of Miss District of Columbia because of her heart throbbing beauty. She inspires her students and always supports their self-expression through art. She also continues to participate in beauty pageants.


Park Hyun Seo

If any teacher could stop time, then it has to be Park Hyun Seo. She’s undoubtedly the most attractive lecturer from South Korea. She is also famous on Instagram because she’s the cutest teacher alive. Students say they have a great time visiting her classes and we understand why.


Marharyta Sheikh Ali

This belly dancer and teacher always inspire her students to learn a few moves. Every time she performs, the world for a moment sits back and watches her and who wouldn’t?

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Lucky students who are blessed to have these 6 teachers