The horror that our Halloween celebration leaves behind every year

In our quest to remember the dead and fallen, we celebrate Halloween. Though it’s nowhere near to the celebration done in Mexico, on the ‘Day of the Dead’ still, we leave no stone unturned to commemorate this one day by dressing up from comics and movies or looking like zombies and vampires. From pumpkin lights to witch cursed gin, we do it all. And after we are done with this one-night celebration, what happens next?

We are often so carried away with our emotions that we don’t consider the things that we leave behind. In Halloween, we put down seven million costumes sent to the scrapheap which results to 300,000 tonnes of clothes dumped in the landfill. If we do an average of the total number of times people wear Halloween costume in a year, then only 4 out of 10 cats costumes are worn twice, same is with nurses costume, and zombies just get one wear before they’re dumped into the scrapheap. However, in Britain, millions of eco-conscious Brits give their cast-offs to charity shops, which helps in being the costumes recycled. Even though many charities won’t resell dresses without original fire safety labelling, still it dwindles the amount of garbage that goes in the heap.

According to a survey done of 3,000 people conducted by Censuswide found that 33 million adults and children dressed up last year in Britain. This year the numbers of dressing up for Halloween have increased to 39 million. The money spent on costumes the previous year, on an average was £15.56 in making ourselves look disgusting. Collectively, that amount would be for the 33 million people were up to £510 million across the UK. In the UK, last year saw the exponential growth of witches, thirsty vampires and ghoulish ghosts for most popular costumes. As these costumes are very easy to make and traditional too, they often become the first choice for teenagers and even among in adults as a choice of an outfit. For those who can’t resist a quippy political commentary gave rise to the last year’s legislative attire. 1.4m Donald Trumps and 2.1m Harley Quinns were accounted for in the previous year. The saddening fact is that half of the people surveyed weren’t sure they would wear a costume worn by someone else other than their family members of close friends.

So far 2017 has been pretty scary from the beginning! With the threat of nuclear war, the deadliest mass shooting in American history, Harvey Weinstein, the impending so-called apocalypse, the reality of Brexit sinking in, the mainstream return of Stephen King’s horror masterpieces, fashion for nostril hair, and the KFC Double Down. If these things aren’t enough to make you scream in despair, then here’s the aftermath of Halloween, which is also becoming our annual outlet to laugh in the face of societal structures that scare us – is also a plague on our environment.

Happy Halloween, folks!

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The horror that our Halloween celebration leaves behind every year