7 unlucky murder cases that took decades to solve

Solving a murder case is often not so simple as easy as they show it in movies. In most murder cases if proper evidence is not found, it is shoved back on the shelf with other cases but once in a while comes a time, when the truth finally comes out. Here are such 7 unlucky murder cases that took decades to solve.

1. Murder of Deana Bowdoin

Deana Bowdoin was a student in Arizona College when she was found stabbed to death in the year 1978. Her body was discovered with a belt around her neck. In 2007, when a detective finally matched the DNA found on her body it was revealed that man, Clarence Wayne Dixon, was a man who’d lived across the street from her at the time of her murder. Dixon was given a sentence to death almost immediately. It took 29 years to solve this case.


2. Murder of Colette Aram

The 16 years old Colette Aram was kidnapped when she’s going to her boyfriends’ home in Nottingham. She was strangled to death by her abductor. After the DNA test was done, it was confirmed that Paul Hutchison was the murderer. Paul wrote several anonymous letters to police misleading them until DNA led to his arrest in 2009. He pleaded guilty and died of overdosing himself in 2010; justice finally came after 26 years.


3. Death of Jacob Wetterling

Jacob Wetterling was just 11-years-old in 1989 when he was molested and shot to death by a masked man in Minnesota. The case was closed due to lack of evidence, but it was again recently opened, and one of the first men to ever be questioned, Danny Heinrich, finally admitted to the crime after 27 years. He was given 20 years in prison starting in 2016.


4. Murder of Karen Klaas

Karen Klaas was strangled to death with her pantyhose in her California home in 1976. She was famous for her former marriage to a singer from the band Righteous Brothers. In 2016, a DNA test proved that it was a serial sexual assaulter called Kenneth Troyer, was guilty of the crime but fate already did justice, and Troyer died in 1982. People took 40 years to figure it out; fate took only 6.


5. Murder of Cyrus Jefferson

In October 1986, Cyrus Jefferson’s bloody body was discovered in a field in San Diego. The police had a man named Stacy Littleton on their suspect list, but the lack of evidence to charge him made him a free man. In 2016, a glove found at the murder scene was tested for a DNA test and that linked to Littleton. Now he’s being charged, but the case is still ongoing even after 31 years.


6. Murder of Helen Sullivan

When Helen Sullivan’s husband found her, she was already stabbed to death in their home in 1972 in Los Angeles. The police came immediately to grab fingerprints and preserved them, but then they found nothing. Again when those preserved prints were revisited in 2012, it matched with a man who’d died in 1990 named Emmanuel Miller. 40 years it took to find the murderer.


7. Death of Joan Harrison

The end of sex worker Joan Harrison’s life took place in 1975. Her lifeless body was found in a dingy garage in England with bite marks on her chest and her jewellery stolen. It wasn’t until in 2011 that the DNA test linked Christopher Smith to the scene. Police had enough evidence to charge him with murder, but he died in 2008 and the efforts of 36 years were in vain.


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7 unlucky murder cases that took decades to solve