7 Miraculously lucky people who earned fame overnight

There’s no any set of recipe to get famous. All thanks to the internet and social media. Some get fame due to their unique talents while some become famous due to their unusual appearances. Today, you never know when a person, thing or act will become famous and start doing round on the internet.

Here we have put together the stories of 7 such miraculously lucky people who got famous unexpectedly overnight.

Nicky Libert-(Construction worker turned model)

A photo of a young construction worker, Nicky Libert, posted on a social media account of a London student was widely praised by Twitter users which eventually brought him a contract with Elite modelling agency.


Baddie winkle

This grandma, Baddie Winkle, conquered the hearts of millions of people when her granddaughter posted a photo of her on Instagram. Baddie now leads an active life, dances and twerks, participates in the talk show and has more than 3 million followers.


Arshad Khan (tea-seller turned model)

This blue-eyed 18-year-old tea seller became over nightly famous when a photographer posted a photo of him on Instagram. Arshad is from Islamabad and has signed a contract with a big modelling agency. He is determined to build his career as a movie star.


Phillippe Dumas

After retirement, Phillipe decided to fulfil his dream of becoming a model. He shared his photos on Reddit and asked users whether he is still capable of joining the fashion industry or not? He was delighted with the replies. He was appreciated by not only social media users but by many modelling agencies as well.


Mike Varshavski

This professional doctor from New Jersey was named “the sexiest doctor alive” by People magazine. All thanks to his Instagram account. He always posted photos of his daily chores. Many modelling agencies had offered him contracts, but Dr Mike chose to remain a doctor.


Cindy Kimberly

Justin Beiber posted a photo of Cindy on his feed and wrote-“Omg who is this?!!!” The world found the girl. The girl turned out to be a 17-year-old student from Costa Blanca. Now, she has contracts with the big modelling agencies and photo shoots with many glossy magazines.


Jeremy Meeks (criminal turned model)

Jeremy Meek was sentenced to 2 years in federal prison in February 2015 for a weapon violation. Meeks became famous when Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on Facebook. The social media users nicknamed him “a handsome felon”. He received a few modelling offers when he was released from jail.

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7 Miraculously lucky people who earned fame overnight