7 luckiest people in the human history

Incidents of luck sometimes seem absolutely unlikely and hard to believe. It seems that it has been designed or scripted to happen only in that way. Here, we will witness stories of such 7 miracles which are hard to believe.

These 7 luckiest people stories are not less than a movie plot. Let’s have a look-

Lena Pahlsson

Lena Pahlsson lost her wedding ring while harvesting vegetables in her garden. 16 years later, she found the same ring that disappeared long ago. A carrot grew through the ring, and it came up with the vegetable.


Virginia Fike

Virginia Fike is a regular lottery player. She always chose the same digit combination for her tickets. The first numbers represent the number of years for which her parents have been married and the second number stood for their age at the time of their marriage.  In 2012, Virginia signed 2 lottery tickets with the same numbers. Luckily, each of them brought her a million dollars.


Tsutomu Yamaguchi

Tsutomu proves out to be the luckiest person on the earth. He survived both the nuclear attacks on Japan. When the first nuclear attack happened in Hiroshima, Japan, Tsutomu was only 3 kilometers away from the explosion. Three days later, Tsutomu returned to his workplace in Nagasaki where he experienced the second nuclear attack.


Maarten de Jonge

Maarten de Jonge is a professional Dutch cyclist who booked two tickets with Malaysian airlines and luckily cancelled them at the last moment. One of the planes disappeared in Indian Ocean while the other got shut down in 2014 summer.


Frane Selak

Frane Selak was a Croatian music teacher who is said to escape un-survivable death conditions seven times. Later in 2003 he also won a million dollars in the lottery. He is often referred as the ‘world’s luckiest man’ and also ‘world’s luckiest unluckiest man’. He has survived a plane crash, train accident and a few car crash.


Juliane Koepcke 

Juliane Koepcke is the lone survivor of a 1971 plane crash. Then 17-year-old Juliane survived a plane crash right above the Amazon River. The girl suffered a few bruises and cuts. Juliane had to live in the jungle for the few days until locals rescued her.


Joan Ginther

A saleswoman sold the $5.4 million lottery ticket to Joan Ginther. Ten years later, Joan won $2 million, and three years later, $3 million more. In 2008, she finally won a lottery jackpot worth $10 million.

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7 luckiest people in the human history