4 Fortunate people who were lost in sea, survived to tell the tale

Life is unpredictable. What seems a normal day, can be catastrophic at the next moment. Something similar happened to these four ordinary people who were horrified to see what life had for them. These fortunate people ended up in sea like a normal day and the next moment they were in the middle of the sea, stranded and fighting for survival.

Spent 66 days in the Atlantic Ocean

One January, Louis Jordan was looking to catch some fish at the Gulf Stream. He boarded his 35-foot sailboat and sailed from the coast of South Carolina. After sailing to a certain distance, somehow, the boat capsized. And, unfortunately, the mast also broke down.

Soon, Jordan realised he was stranded in the middle of Atlantic Ocean with no means of survival. He used his clothes to catch fishes, drifted around the Atlantic Ocean and survived by rationing water. After spending two complete months (around 66 days), he was found and rescued by Houston Express.


Faith in God helped in survival

In late 2012, Jose Salvador Alvarenga started a journey from Paredon Viejo, a port on Pacific Coast of Mexico, with his domestic partner Ezequiel Cordova. As they left the Paredon Viejo port in November or December, they got caught in a storm. The GPS and radio system of the ship went down due to the storm, and they were lost.

Cordova, his domestic partner, died because he refused to eat raw birds to survive. However, Alvarenga had faith in God and ate sea turtles, birds and even drank his urine to survive. 13 months later, his ship made it to the Marshall Islands capital of Majuro. Residents located Alvarenga and rescued him. Later, Alvarenga told CNN, which his faith in God helped him to survive.


Spent 32 hours in the Irish Sea

On a bright Sunday morning, Matthew Bryce went surfing off the northwest coast of Glasgow, Scotland. It was a little before noon, and he was struck in a storm. Soon, Matthew went adrift a few miles from the Glasgow Coast. His family members became worried. There were no traces of Mathew.

On the other hand, Matthew’s condition was becoming worse. Due to the cold sea, he started suffering from hypothermia and had lost control. Miraculously, Matthew was spotted by Belfast Coastguard who was flying in a helicopter. To amaze you, Matthew drifted 13 miles and spent approx 32 hours in the sea.


Found emaciated but Alive!

Ron Ingraham is an experienced fisherman. He makes his ends meet through fishing and sea. However, the experience cannot prevent the inevitable. One Thanksgiving, he sailed from the island of Molokai in Hawaii on a solo trip. He got stuck in a storm. The storm pushed the ship back into the water. Unfortunately, Ingraham had to spend 12 days adrift in the boat. He also sent a distress call out, and the Coast Guard tried to find him. On December 1, The Coast Guard called their search mission. However, his son Zakary believed, Ingraham was still alive. Luckily, twelve days after the first distress call, Ingraham was found emaciated but alive in South Honolulu.

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4 Fortunate people who were lost in sea, survived to tell the tale