3 Lucky women who escape their horrendous fate

A seven years old young girl in Sacramento, California, was walking down the street with her mother when a man snatched up her and stuffed into the trunk of his car. However as the car sped up, the courageous young girl managed to jump up and was miraculously out of the vehicle. The onlookers assisted her and returned her to the family. The girl suffered minor injuries and bruises.

Similar to this, here are three lucky women who managed to escape their horrendous fate with their wits and courage.

When fire alarm helped the woman to escape perpetrator

A woman in Limerick, Ireland was attacked by a stranger in her own house. The stranger beaten her up, raped and dragged her from one room to another.  Eventually, he began burning all the potential evidence against him which included woman’s clothes, a rug on which he ejaculated and other stuff. Fortunately, the fire alarm ran off due to the smoke. While the perpetrator got busy with the fire alarm, the woman saw this as a golden opportunity and fled into the street naked with just a towel to cover her up. Luckily, she got the help of authorities in time.


Facebook Message helped woman escape after 10 years

A young girl, just 15 years old, was drugged and abducted by a man. Through years of mental manipulation, the man forced her to marry him and bear his child. She was told that her family has given up on her and if she tries to escape she will be deported. The woman accepted the truth. However, a decade later, luckily the girl received a Facebook message from her sister and got to know the truth. Afterwards, she got the required help and finally got free from the man’s imprisonment.


Teen finally escaped Boko Haram after 7 unsuccessful attempts

A 17-year old young girl, Noor, was abducted from her home one dark night. She was forced to become a wife of a Boko Haram soldier. She tried to escape seven times but got failed at every attempt.  After around one complete year, her final attempt worked and she escaped. She got back to her family, but by that time she got pregnant with her captor’s child. This feared her family which refused to take her back.  They thought her as a Boko Haram sympathizer. Left with no other option, Noor now lives with her six-year child in an internally displaced people’s camp.

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3 Lucky women who escape their horrendous fate