Unlucky dog gets fired from CIA for playing with children and not sniffing bombs.

If the Monday blues make you feel like you are in the wrong profession then here’s the story of a dog, which also had it worse. Not all dogs want to sniff bombs like not all humans love Donald Trump. This dog got fired from Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) because she preferred to play with children instead of sniffing bombs.

Lulu chose the simple joys of life over an exciting career in the bomb squad because, in the end, it is all those simple joys that make us smile and not the money we earned and saved in a bank account. Seeing Lulu’s lackadaisical effort to her work, the CIA had no other option than to terminate her service from their office. At first, they thought that she might have been working very hard, so she suddenly feels the urge of taking a break or try something different in her life, but she stayed the same. She wasn’t interested in more extended playtime or treats after her duty hours, so it was the best decision for everyone, or this is what the CIA is saying.

According to the members of CIA, there are a thousand reasons why a dog won’t be interested in doing his or her job. Their doggy psychologists have been working on that for some years now. The psychologists aim to get back the dog’s interest in her duties. Sometimes the work pressure and zero mistake performance often get a pup bored.  For that dogs need a more extended playtime or more challenges.  Sometimes the dogs need a few little breaks here and there. Or sometimes it’s a medical condition that keeps them like a food allergy requiring switching to a different kibble makes them uninterested in their jobs. When the dogs become once again eligible to join their duties, they are taken back, and their training continues again.

For Lulu, it was the end of the line. She no longer could imagine a life of sniffing bombs and bite the enemy’s hand off in close combat. This wasn’t the job for Lulu; she wanted to be free, she wanted to chase her tail and play with human babies. Luckily, she has been adopted by her CIA handler, and she spends her days busy playing happily with the children as well as their other pet Labrador, Harry.

She is currently sniffing out rabbits and squirrels in the back garden of her new home.

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Unlucky dog gets fired from CIA for playing with children and not sniffing bombs.