If you have noticed these 6 signs, then my friend, you have hit the jackpot of love

You don’t need to wait for a person to confess love. Sometimes all you need to do is observe their unconscious behavior. It speaks a lot. There are various ways in which people reveal their feeling. You just need to notice them.

Here we have compiled 6 such signs which can tell if the person secretly admires you. And, believe me; if you find these six signs in the unconscious behavior of your secret admirer, you have hit the jackpot of love.

Smile unconsciously

While talking in a group, if people burst to laugh at someone’s joke, the lovers look unconsciously at those, they like the most.


Someone avoiding you/ trying to bump into you

There are two types of person in love-

The first one will try to be close to you and will look for every possible opportunity to bump into you while the second one may try to avoid you to hide their true feelings. So, if someone has been avoiding you or has been trying to bump into you, there is a reason.


A change in thinking

When a person is in love, it becomes quite easy for him to talk on even the most complicated topics which he might not have heard or thought about before. In love, an ordinary person turns into comedian while a knowledgeable and reasonable person converts into a stupid sheep.


Change of interest

A person in love starts to like the same things of the person he admires. Suddenly, your admirer will start taking interests in the topic and things you like even if it is not his forte or genre.


Keeps checking social media profiles

If a person admires you, s/he will continuously have an eye on your social media profiles. S/He will notice every single change on your profile. S/He will also unconsciously hate all your close friends of the opposite sex.


Change in body language

This is the easiest sign to notice. If a person is secretly admiring you, s/he will look for reasons to touch you or hug you. S/He will touch you at every opportunity. Note, the gesture will always be gentle and will indicate that the person will always stand with you.

P.S. – There are people you are too good at hiding their real feelings.

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If you have noticed these 6 signs, then my friend, you have hit the jackpot of love