8 Reasons why people get all the luck

Have you ever looked at a person and imagined how lucky he or she is? Well, I have done it and not once or twice, but many-a-times. You would have also done this at some or the other part of your life. We all do; it’s natural.

Looking at someone and saying he is so lucky, he is great; things always fall for him in right ways at the right time and so and so. And, at the same time ask why I am not that much lucky, why I don’t have that or why I am not like that person.

Well, the answer lies in the question itself. Although I too agree that some people are born lucky, there are people who make their own luck. Not every successful person around you was born with a silver spoon, but they worked out their way and became lucky because they started thinking and doing things differently.

So, here are 8 reasons why people get all the luck-

They work in silence-

There’s a saying, work in silence and let your success make the noise. Lucky people keep working silently without announcing it on Facebook and Twitter or complaining about it. And then, one day they get the result in the form of “luck”.


They spend time across positive minds-

Half of your luck comes with being positive. Instead of tearing apart and pulling yourself down, positive people build you up and always inspire you to look towards the good in anything. Life is already hard enough, so avoid making it harder by surrounding yourself around dumb people. So, now you know why it is said to stay positive always.


They accept imperfection and flaws-

For lucky people, it’s always a good time. They don’t say it’s not a good time for this and that. They know the right time will never come. They decide, plan and go out to make it the right time. So, instead of waiting for the right time, head out to make it the right time.


They believe in themselves-    

If you believe you can do it, then you have done half of the work. Lucky people feel that all of us have the inner strength to achieve great and miraculous things.


They know that they are not born lucky-

Lucky people don’t count on luck. They make a choice, work accordingly, and things fall into place on its own.


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8 Reasons why people get all the luck