6 habits that will make you a lucky person

Luck comes and goes with like waves reach and kiss the shores and leave. If you have been lucky once, doesn’t mean that you would be lucky all the time but there are a few habits that lucky people do follow and those habits are their mantras to keep their luck running never running out.

Keep your eyes open all the time

Always be alert of the situation you are in and note down your exits because you never know when a position turns topsy-turvy and the exits are your only luck you can cash in. Be very observational and plan two steps ahead of any situation because that’s how you are in control, hence lucky!


Be ready to go the extra mile

As the adage goes fortune favours the brave, if you want to stumble upon a fortune you get to go the extra mile. Your colleagues got more clients than you because your colleague went the extra mile while you were just busy with your existing clients. Push yourself all the time if you want to achieve something big, and you will eventually find success kissing your feet.


Don’t remain stuck into something

Just because you had to settle for something during a crisis, don’t mean that you would stay stuck in there for your entire life. If you see your friends landing a fancy paycheck job, it is only because when they got the opportunity, they moved out. If you see a better chance, grab it because that’s how you grow and explore new heights. Be stuck for longer than usual, and you are not valued.


Always be optimistic

Optimism helps you to see the good in every situation and taking the importance of that goodness into considerations; often optimist people find themselves lucky. Most of the time, we are afraid to do something because of the threat of failure it possesses that if only we can also see the importance of success it also offers to us. Be hopeful, at least you will have something to live for.


Think out of the box

We have all seen or heard about the hiker who got stuck between two rocks and finally managed to escape his fateful fate by chopping off his hand after 127 hours. A Danny Boyle movie is also based on this hiker. If you are in a deadlock and you cannot find a way out, think differently. The hiker could have stayed stuck and slowly died out of thirst, but he decided to chop off his stuck hand. Many of you may call him unlucky in the first place to get stuck like that, but despite being in such a situation, he came out of it alive. That’s how you win the jackpot of life by considering all possible ways.


Never give up

If you have a dream and you want to make it happen then keep working on it. Never give up just because you are facing obstacles on your way. Remember the road to success if full of hardship or else everyone would have made it. Be firm, be resilient and always show up. If you have no one beside you, fine. That means no one would drag you behind. Keep hammering the rock, it may take 200 blows to break, but when it does, it’s your resilience that broke it and not the hammer.

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6 habits that will make you a lucky person