A man sells his house and everything else for Bitcoins, lucky or unlucky?

Cryptocurrencies are seeing an exponential growth lately in the last five years or so, with the inception of Bitcoins in the market, everyone wants to convert their currency into this digital currency which is believed to have outdated all coins from the world by 2030.

Exchanging all his wealth for Bitcoins, DidiTaihuttu from Netherlands has sold his £300,000 house for just 85 Bitcoins. The 39-year-old Didi believes that life is not about all the materialistic things that we possess but the things that fulfil the cravings of one’s soul. After both of his parents passed away, they sold their company and decided to lead the life of a traveller. His wife and children also love travelling, so they decided to sell everything else such as their house, properties and furniture as well and invest that money in buying Bitcoins.

In 2010, Didi started mining Bitcoins but as it didn’t bring him any fortune he sold it all and shortly after his selling, the value of the cryptocurrencies went through the roof. He couldn’t believe his fate, but now, he thinks that it has been the perfect lesson he has been waiting for in his life. He learnt from his action, he said.  As a father, he said that he wanted to see his children grow up with all the things money can get but he also believes that both of his ten years and 12 years old would learn that there are some joys in life that money cannot buy. After selling all three cars and motorbike, the family now travels in public transport and walks the walkable distance.

Didi enjoys being a citizen of Holland, but Holland has a strict law when it comes to education, Home-schooling is illegal in Holland and as Didi took both of his children out of school for travelling, Holland would fine him. If the Holland government continues to fine him for travelling and work then, he believes that he might no longer remain a citizen of that country. Even if they are fined, they wouldn’t be able to pay anything because all their money is invested in bitcoins and if the government would accept that mode of payment then they would pay it.

With all his money invested in Bitcoins, he hopes that it will bring him some positive results shortly but even if doesn’t then also he is okay because money is not everything in the world.

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A man sells his house and everything else for Bitcoins, lucky or unlucky?