The best girlfriend any man would be lucky to have

When luck takes a shit on you, there’s nothing you can do. Though it’s not our unlucky Monday today, we have got the perfect story of this girl who got 30 surgeries to look like her ex’s, at that time boyfriend, only to be dumped still. Lucky or unlucky for you to decide! However, before we further proceed to her story, we would like to express our apologies to the girl, who must be the best girlfriend out there but her dumbass boyfriend didn’t value her. We feel you, lady!

Love is a weird process, and it makes people do even weirder things. This 22-year-old, popular YouTube video-blogger has finally decided to open up about her biggest regret in life. That is, the numerous plastic surgeries she underwent to impress her ex-boyfriend.

Berry Ng, from Hong Kong, went under the knife for 30 times to look like her boyfriend’s (at the time) favourite x-rated actress.

Right here, let’s take a moment!

Isn’t she the best girlfriend out there? I mean, yes, we should love people for who they are, but this lady loved her boyfriend so much that she decided to look like her boyfriend’s  favourite Adult Star. Imagine, you get back home after a hard day at work, and your favorite adult actress is waiting for you, and she even makes you food, tells you that she loves you. I mean, what else should you expect from life? This is the best thing ever can happen to you or vice versa, but her boyfriend didn’t care. However, after the breakup, she now regrets doing it and hopes that by telling her story other women won’t make the same blunders as she did.

Ng finally realized that she needs to ditch her boyfriend because everything she did for him and still, she couldn’t live up to her boyfriend’s expectation. After a while, she came to the realization he would never be satisfied with the way she looks.

Following her epiphany, Ng has sworn that she would never go under the knife to change her looks for anyone ever again and even said that if there’s a slightest of a chance, then she would swap her augmented lips and breasts for the chance to look like her real self in a heartbeat.

Her video is a warning to other women about undergoing plastic surgery for the wrong reasons and urges them to only go through with it if it’s something they want to do for themselves, not anyone else. According to a news report, Ng had her first surgery when she was 16 years old. Afterwards, she had most of her surgeries when she was 21. The Asian news network also says Ng spent an estimated $3,000 (£2,200) on cosmetic procedures.

Sharing her story to the world, she said, “If he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped, but he didn’t. Ng also revealed when her ex-boyfriend was watching x-rated films starring actresses with big breasts he would get excited and ‘he would shout ‘How big! How great?”

While it seems like this was a case of ‘better late than never’ for Berry Ng, we’re glad she’s gotten out of a relationship which was unhealthy, from a partner who seemed emotionally and mentally abusive. Here’s hoping other women can learn from the awful experiences she had to go through. Love who you are, even when others don’t.

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The best girlfriend any man would be lucky to have