7 weird festivals those are so weird that you would be lucky to try them once in your life

Every country has their cultural and religious festivals and no matter how weird those festivals are or get, they are not ashamed to celebrate them boldly. After all, it is the weird festivals of a country that defines it. So here is the list of 10 such weird festivals across the world that you would lucky to be a part of.

  1. Beer Floating – Finland | August

If you spit and drink beer too then wherever you are, make yourself free in August and pay a visit to Helsinki, Finland. It’s impossible to describe the feeling to you unless you live and breathe beer too because speaking you would be paddling through a river of beer. This festival is called, “Kaljakellunta” and is organised by the people in every August.

  1. Day of the Dead Festival – Mexico | November

This is the Mexican version of Halloween and one of the most visually stunning festivals in the world. This festival is celebrated in the remembrance of all those people who we loved and lost in the cradle of death. If you would remember the opening scene from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, you will know how amazing it looks.

  1. Up-Helly Aa – St Ninian’s Isle, Scotland | January

If you are a big fan of the Norse age or the age of the Vikings, then this is going to make your dream come true. In this festival, you are supposed to dress up as the Viking warriors and set things on fire pretty much like the Vikings did when they were done raping and pillaging. It takes place on St. Ninian’s Isle, Scotland and is also regarded as the biggest fire festivals across Europe. The event commemorates the ending of the Yule season with burning down a replica of the Viking Longboat paraded around the small town of Lerwick.

  1. Underwater Music Festival – Florida, USA | July

If you think going to Tomorrowland is becoming mainstream, then you should go to Florida during July and attend this music festival that is underneath the water. Yes, you have read it right. Divers, snorkelers and musicians across the globe come dressed in funny nautical costumes for this Underwater Music Festival. To satisfy your legitimate doubts, it would suffice to say that the musicians use specially sculpted underwater musical instruments.

  1. Air Guitar World Championships – Finland | August

You have been in the battle of Lip Sync now welcome to the battle of fake guitar playing. This is what this festival is all about a pure unadulterated version of rock and roll, without the instruments. This event promotes world peace, as the organisers themselves say: “The ideology of the Air Guitar is to end wars, prevent climate change stop all bad things and make them disappear by playing the Air Guitar.”

  1. Kanamara Matsuri Festival – Japan | April

If you like Dongs (Not the sound produced from a bell dong but the other dong. If you still haven’t understood then this is not the place for you), then this festival should be the King Kong of dongs, I know another poor joke. Dedicated and devoted to all things phallic, this ‘religious festival’ – Hold on- Japan even has a God of Dong?! Anyway, this festival features penis-shaped lollipops, novelty penis glasses, giant penis statues, penis-themed souvenirs, phallic vegetable carving workshops; you get the idea ladies.

  1. El Colacho – Spain | May /June

This is weirdest of all festival or maybe not. This festival is also called the baby jumping festival, where babies born in last 12 months are jumped over by men dressed as the Devil. Weird, isn’t it? It takes place every year on the feast of Corpus Christi in the Spanish village of Castrillo de Murcia. There were several injuries before, so they have now stuck to professional jumpers only.

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7 weird festivals those are so weird that you would be lucky to try them once in your life