7 Most amazing companies you will feel lucky to work in

Every company thrives on the concept of generating more revenues than the previous day but what they don’t take into consideration is the welfare of the employees who earn that revenue for that company. Out of one hundred managers, eighty managers or more will list revenue generation as one of the prime reason for company’s growth. How? They will give you tight work packed schedules and meetings and would even ask for over time but, as justified as it may sound what they fail to realise is that employees are like cogs in a machine and they would only work faster, better or say more efficiently if those cogs are regularly greased. If you want to have the fastest car, you got to ensure that the engine that runs it is not overheated. However, there are some companies who chose to take on the less travelled path and they got amazing results as promised.

Here are some of those companies that would need both your hard work and luck.

  1. Evolve MMA

Evolve is an MMA company whose founder, Chatri Sityodtong, thought to express his gratitude to his employees by arranging a kickass employee vacation that every employee dreams of. He spent £400,000 to send 100 of his employees on vacation to the Maldives. And, it’s not for the first time he has arranged this type of grand vacation.

The best thing about the vacation is no one knows where they would be going to for the vacation. The location is always kept secret.


  1. BrewDog brewery

This Scottish brewery gives a week’s leave to its employees for taking in a puppy. Earlier, the employees were allowed to take their new pets to work, but now they get paid leaves for that.


  1. Gravity Payments

The founder of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, expressed his gratitude to his employees with a hefty bonus. He also shared his income to increase everyone’s wages to $70,000 a year.


  1. Hare Krishna Exports

Hare Krishna Exports is a huge Indian corporation that exports diamonds. Savji Dholakia, the CEO, made his goal to give apartments and cars to all his employees within 5 years. He achieved the goal and gave the first 1,260 cars and 400 apartments to his most productive employees in April of 2016.

  1. Invasion in Manchester, UK, 

Following the above-mentioned success secret, the owner of Invasion, Manchester, UK surprised his employees by turning the office into a giant ball pit.


  1. Hime & Co-management

This marketing company offers leave to its female employees if they break up with their boyfriends. The 20-year-old female employee gets one day off, older than 25 years get two days off while those in their 30’s or 40’s can have 3 days off. The company also allows everyone to spend half a day shopping during season sales.


  1. Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister, famous graphic designer and owner of Sagmeister and Walsh offers a year-long leave every 7 years. He thinks if you don’t have such a lengthy vacation, you can burn out as an artist.

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7 Most amazing companies you will feel lucky to work in