6 most unlucky jobs in the world

Like you, there are a lot of people out there who are not satisfied with their jobs or hate going to the office, especially on Mondays. After living life to the fullest on weekends, going office on Monday morning feels like something is tearing apart. And this is why we need ‘Monday motivation’ the most.

So, let me tell you about a few jobs in the world which are really horrible. There are people who get up in the morning only to do such jobs. Believe me, after reading this out, you feel lucky to have a job which way better than these people.

Here is the perfect dose of Monday motivation for you-

Pet food tester-

Just imagine you enter your work-place and you have to taste pet foods to evaluate their flavor, quality standards, etc. Yuck! Don’t know about you, but I can’t wake up happily every day just to taste raw Tuna fish out of the cans.


Line Stander-

Well, for rest of the world this is a quite helpful and good job, but ask the professional who is standing in the queue. He will address it the most boring and hard jobs in the world. A line stander is the best option if you don’t like queuing and have to line up for some 17-19 hours to get a much awaited smart phone or sales product.


Snake Milker-

Snake venom is most importantly used in medical research and to produce anti-venom. Snake milkers spend their entire days around the deadliest snakes pushing them into plastic container to extract or milk them.


Worm Picker-

Have you ever done fishing? Have you ever thought how those worms get into the shops? Well, worm pickers pick those worms walking through grasses, parks, golf courses, and other grassy areas.


Stunt Tester-

Have you seen shows like Fear Factor, X-factor? Well, if not, then at least you must have heard about the stunts they perform. Similar to the stunts, where the participants have to eat bug or insects, companies hire stunt tester. These stunt testers have to try unusual or terrible food to ensure nobody gets hurt, except for them.


Armpit Sniffer-

Armpit Sniffers work in a hot room or outdoor location sniffing up to 60 armpits in an hour. They work for deodorant manufacturers and their goal is to determine how effective the deodorant is.

P.S. – All these jobs are highly paid!

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6 most unlucky jobs in the world